Trade Your Jewelry

"Double the Value Trade In"

Step 1: Buy a piece of jewelry from us that is gold with a diamonds.
Step 2: Bring back your gold with diamond jewelry purchase at anytime for an upgrade.
Step 3: Must go double of what your initial purchase was and must be one item gold with diamonds.
Step 4: We take the price of the initial purchase off the new purchase and we take the initial piece back too.

Any gold with diamond purchase from us can be upgraded. We know when you are first buying that special ring or your first pair of diamond earrings, that you can't always afford what you really want. So when you are ready to upgrade, whether it is a year from your initial purchase or five years later you just come back in and pick something out that is double the value of the 1st purchase. Then you give us the first purchase back and we take the price of the first purchase off your new purchase.

A gold and diamond ring bought from us that cost $1,000. Bring it in and pick out an item that is at least $2,000 or more.  We then take the previous purchase back and take the initial purchase price of $1,000 off the purchase.

Trade In:
Any 10kt or 14kt gold item with diamonds that was bought from us. It must have a diamond and be gold for the trade in.

  • Rings gold and diamond
  • Earrings gold and diamonds
  • Pendant gold and diamonds