WE GUARANTEE complete satisfaction on your Joe Daiches Jewelers Diamond/Two Hearts® Collection purchase. Your Joe Daiches Jewelers Two Hearts® Collection Diamond Warranty covers the replacement of any diamond (with one of equal value) that is lost or damaged while it is in its original mounting, provided a Joe Daiches Jewelers/Two Hearts® Collection jeweler cleans and inspects (at no charge) your diamond(s) and mounting at least every six months and records the inspection on your warranty certificate. There are not warranties written or oral, other than as set forth on the actual warranty form. Joe Daiches Jewelers shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Joe Daiches JEWELERS guarantees the diamonds are all-natural, and have never been drilled or fracture filled, or otherwise enhanced for color or clarity. In addition, Joe Daiches Jewelers and any Two Hearts® Collection Jeweler in America will give you full credit for the original purchase price of your diamond (regardless of the age or condition of the original mounting), towards the purchase of another diamond, provided the price of the new diamond is at least twice the original price. Please retain and show your original sales slip at time of trade-in.

We urge you to insure your diamond as soon as possible, as you would any other major purchase. Please contact your insurance agent for full details. We will be pleased to provide you with an appraisal at no charge for insurance purposes, or answer any questions your agent might have. Be sure to keep your certificate and your original sales slip with your important papers.

NOTE: This warranty does not cover fracture filled or clarity enhanced diamonds.


Take advantage of the free inspection and cleaning by Joe Daiches Jewelers and any Two Hearts® Collection Jeweler. Between professional cleanings, your diamond’s maximum brilliance can be maintained with our specially formulated Love Story® Jewelry Cleaner. Dip your ring in the cleaner solution, and then brush the diamond with a soft, clean brush. Wipe with a soft towel. Follow these few easy tips and your diamond will remain as beautiful as the day you bought it, for years to come.


To keep your diamond looking new and to keep your Joe Daiches Jewelers/Two Hearts® Collection Lifetime Warranty in effect, your diamond ring must be inspected and professionally cleaned every six months and the inspection verified in writing on the back of the warranty form. Your Joe Daiches Jewelers and any Two Hearts® Collection Jeweler will do this at no charge. In addition to the required inspections, please feel free to bring your ring in at any time for professional cleaning and inspection. Be sure to bring your certificate with you when you have your diamond cleaned and inspected.

Should the Joe Daiches Jewelers/Two Hearts® Collection diamond jewelry purchase be repaired or modified by a person or entity who is not an authorized Two Hearts® Collection Jeweler, all warranties and guarantees herein shall be void and of no further force or effect whatsoever.